Add your first role

In this tutorial, you will add your first role to your database. Assuming you want to create a simple role for case observers who would be able to enter data into your database, follow these steps.

Before you start:

  • Make sure you have already added a database and
  • You have been assigned to a role with the “Manage roles” and “Manage users” operation permitted.
  • If not, you can use the training and monitoring template to add a new database.

Add the role

  • Go to your “Database settings” and locate the "Roles" section. Click on it.

  • Click on "Add role." Name the role "Case Observer" and then click "OK." You should see this new role appear in a list.

Add resources to the role

  • Click on the "Case Observer" role, and a menu will appear in the right side panel.

Grant a resource

  • Click on “Grant resources” to display the list of resources that are available in your database.

  • Click on the “Entire database” in the first column and then click “Select resource”. This will apply the grant to all forms, folders, and reports in the database.

  • The available permission settings for that resource will then appear in the side panel.

Assign operations

  • In the side panel under “Permitted operations” , check the boxes next to the operations that you would like to allow for this resource. These may include operations to view all records that belong to the selected resource, display the resource in the list of forms, and perform basic edit operations. You can find the link to references of all permissions here.

  • Click “Save” to apply the selected operations to the resource.

You have now added your first role. You can then proceed with adding other roles following the same steps.

Now that you have created a role in your database, you may now add users to your database.

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