Deleting a Field

The following section describes how to delete a field from a Form.

You can delete a field from a Form.

By deleting a field ALL information related to this field will be deleted too.


If you delete a field, the field and all information associated can be restored by retrieving them through the audit log

You can edit a field instead of deleting it. Alternatively, Hiding a field from data entry will allow you to 'remove' a field from data entry without losing any data entered previously.

How to delete a field

  • On the Database settings page of your Database, click on your Form to select it.
  • If the Form is in a Folder click the arrow next to the Folder's name to expand it in order to find the Form and click on the Form.

  • Click on "Edit form" on the Resource side panel to navigate to the Form Design page.

  • In the Form Design page, find the field and click on it to open the card editor.

  • Click on "Delete field" to delete the field and click on "Save" to save the change.

If the field belongs to a Subform, in the Form Design page click on the Subform to open the card editor and click on "Open subform" to open it and find the field.

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