Deleting a Database

The following section describes how to delete a Database in ActivityInfo in the Database Design section. By deleting a Database ALL Records, Forms, Subforms and Folders stored in the Database are deleted too.

Once you delete a Database everything associated to it can be retrieved and restored through the audit log.

You can edit a Database instead of deleting it.

Delete a Database via Database Settings

  • On the Database List page, select a database from the list.

  • On the Database page, navigate to the Database Settings page.

  • On the Database settings page of your Database, on the Resource side panel click on "Delete database".

To go back to the Database Design section without deleting it, click on "Back to database".

Delete a Database via Account Settings

  • Click on the Account button and select "Account settings" from the dropdown menu.

  • Under the "Your databases" section of the Profile settings page, select "Delete" next to the database you want to delete.

  • Confirm that you want to delete this Database by clicking on "Delete database now".

You can keep your Database and all data/users by clicking "Keep database" instead.

  • To go back to the Database List page without deleting a database, click on "Go back to database overview".
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