Publishing a Pivot Table or Bar Chart Report

The following section describes how to publish a Pivot Table report and use it outside ActivityInfo. You can also publish a Bar Chart.

Once you design a Pivot Table report you can share it with other users who are have been added to your Databases or publish it so that people outside ActivityInfo can see it.

The Pivot Table report will be automatically updated as data are updated.

To be able to publish a Pivot Table report you must be the Database owner or to have been assigned the 'Publish reports' permission.

When published, a read-only version of the Pivot Table report will be available as:

  • Standalone webpage
  • Embeddable HTML snippet

We recommend paying special attention to the data included in a report that you publish as well as to the users assigned with the 'Publish reports' permission.

You can unpublish a Pivot Table report anytime.

For Databases added before August 3, 2020, the 'Publish reports' permission must be manually assigned to Roles via the Roles section or manually granted to specific users via the user management section.

For Databases added from that date onward the following stands for each Database template:

  • Blank database template: the Role of Administrator will have both the'Share reports' and 'Publish reports' permission
  • Multi-partner reporting database template: the Role of Administrator will have both the 'Share reports' and 'Publish reports' permission
  • Case management database template: the Role of Administrator will have the 'Share reports' permission only.

How to publish a Pivot Table report

  • To publish a Pivot Table report, click on "Reports" to navigate to the Report List page.
  • Click on the name of the report to open it.
  • Optionally, click on "Collapse" to collapse the Report Design side panel.
  • Click on "Sharing & Publishing" to reveal the drop-down menu.
  • Click on "Publishing" to open the Publishing tab.
  • Click on "Publish now" to publish the report. You can read more details about what will be published in the Publishing tab.
  • The link to the published report has been created and is published. To preview the report click on "Preview".
  • To copy the URL to use it somewhere else click on "Copy URL" under the type of report you want to use.
  • The Pivot Table report is now published and you can share the link to it with people who are not users in ActivityInfo.

To stop a Pivot Table report from being public, click on "Unpublish".

To publish a Bar Chart in place of a Pivot Table, click on 'Show as pivot table' and select 'Show as bar chart', save the report and copy the URL or code of that report from the Publishing tab.