Only one serial number field is possible in a form. The Prefix Formula is available for Serial Number fields and can be used to customise how the Serial Number will appear. In Subforms, the Prefix Formula can also derive from the Parent Form.


  description = NULL,
  digits = 5L,
  prefixFormula = NULL,
  code = NULL,
  id = cuid(),
  hideFromEntry = FALSE,
  hideInTable = FALSE,
  reviewerOnly = FALSE


Argument Description
label The label of the form field
description The description of the form field
digits The number of digits in the serial number
prefixFormula A formula as a character string defining the prefix for the serial number
code The code name of the form field
id The id of the form Field; default is to generate a new cuid
hideFromEntry Whether the form field is hidden during data entry; default is FALSE
hideInTable Whether the form field is hidden during data display; default is FALSE
reviewerOnly Whether the form field is for reviewers only; default is FALSE

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