Configures the current session to use a personal token for authentication to the ActivityInfo Server.


activityInfoToken(token, prompt = TRUE)


Argument Description
token The personal token used to authenticate with to
prompt TRUE if to prompt the user to save the token


Users can generate a personal API token from the Profile Settings page of ActivityInfo's user interface. This token is used instead of a password when connecting to the ActivityInfo API.

Note, in general, you c("list("never")", "include your API token") in an R source file or check such sources with tokens into version control.

When run interactively and prompt = TRUE, you will be prompted to store the token locally on your device. This avoids the need to provide the token each time you run a script. The token is stored in plaintext, however, so you should only agree to store your token when your device is properly secured with a screenlock and not shared with others.


activityInfoToken("<API TOKEN>")
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