This function is primarily used in getRecords .

The column names options are:

  • "pretty": Using the labelling logic of the web user interface as much as possible, for example "Focus Country Name"

  • "label" : Using the form field labels in the style of activity info formulas, for example "[Focus Country].[Name]"

  • "code" : Using form field codes as defined by the user, for example "". As codes are optional, the fallback columnName option can be specified as a vector, for example c("code", "label") or c("code", "id).

  • "id" : Using the form field unique id used by ActivityInfo, for example "c12c92vi5olfmn7khb4.c13cmf6la3lfmn7khb5"


allColumnStyle(columnNames = c("code", "label"))


Argument Description
columnNames Can be "pretty", "label", "id", c("code", "id), or c("code", "label")
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