Working with formulas for data quality

Welcome to the course “Working with formulas for data quality". This is a compilation of various sessions for professionals interested in learning more about formulas, regular expressions and how these can be used in ActivityInfo to maintain advanced control over data quality.

These are free training sessions provided by the ActivityInfo team.

Are these sessions for me?

  • Are you an M&E or Information Management practitioner who needs to establish a new information management system, data collection system or a database and wishes to get familiar with more advanced aspects of it?
  • Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of how formulas can help data validation?

Then, get started with these sessions!

Using formulas in ActivityInfo

During this session, we explore various cases where formulas can enhance data quality, simplify data collection and expand possibilities in reporting.

In summary, we explore:

  • Introduction to the ActivityInfo Formula Language
  • Using calculated fields
  • Using formulas for data validation
  • Using formulas in reports

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Using formulas in validation rules and relevance rules

During this session, we do a deep-dive on formulas and the way they can be used in validation and relevance rules in ActivityInfo. We also explore various formulas that allow us to create more advanced relevance and validation rules which can improve the quality of the data we collect using our forms.

In summary, we explore:

  • Relevance rules in the form designer
  • Creating advanced relevance rules using the formulas and the formula editor
  • Validation rules in the form designer
  • Creating advanced validation rules using the formulas and the formula editor

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Learning Regular Expressions for validation rules and quality data

During this session, we look into Regular Expressions (RegEx) and the way they can be used to enhance data quality in data collection. We also explore the use of Regular Expressions when writing Formulas in applications such as the ActivityInfo platform and present what we can achieve using them.

Some of the key points we will cover are:

  • What Regular Expressions do and when to use them
  • Using Regular Expressions in validation rules for data collection
  • Practical examples using ActivityInfo

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