Working with the ActivityInfo API, Power BI, and R

Welcome to the course “Working with the ActivityInfo API, Power BI, and R”. This is a compilation of various sessions for professionals interested in analyzing data and creating reports using external tools

For an in-depth course on the use of the built-in reporting tools in ActivityInfo, please take a look at the course "Data analysis and reports in ActivityInfo".

These are free training sessions provided by the ActivityInfo team.

Are these sessions for me?

  • Are you responsible for information/data management activities and reports creation in your organization?
  • Are you looking for a short introduction to the R language and its connection to ActivityInfo?
  • Do you want to start automating data management routine tasks and submissions?
  • Do you wish to explore the potential of combining ActivityInfo with Power BI?
  • Do you work with large codebases and need to add structure in the way you manage them?

Then, get started with these sessions!

Understanding ActivityInfo's API from the ground up

During this one hour session you will learn about the ActivityInfo API from first principles. This will help with querying data from ActivityInfo, pushing data into ActivityInfo with the API, or automating routine tasks.

In summary, we discuss:

  • ActivityInfo's data model
  • The query API
  • Exporting data
  • Updating data in ActivityInfo
  • Automating routine tasks around user management, database creation and more.
  • Automating monthly submissions to Humanitarian Coordination databases

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Using ActivityInfo with Power BI

During this session, we look into connecting ActivityInfo to the Power BI software so that you can create dynamic dashboards and visualizations.

In summary, we discuss:

  • Connecting ActivityInfo live to Power BI
  • Understanding ActivityInfo's Query API
  • Working with subforms and reference fields
  • Combining forms together
  • Publishing dashboards to Power BI Online

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Introduction to R and ActivityInfo

In this session,n we work with the ActivityInfo API and the R programming language.

In summary, we discuss:

  • Short introduction to the R language and the connection to ActivityInfo
  • Retrieving data from ActivityInfo with R
  • Updating ActivityInfo with R

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Managing large codebases in R

This session addresses professionals who are familiar with the R programming language and wish to advance their skills so as to manage large codebases more effectively.

uring this session we go over maps in ActivityInfo as a tool for visualizing data and communicating results.We look into using maps to display various aspects of your programmes and to collaborate on interventions.

Together with Ryo Nakagawara, we discuss:

  • Adopting a coding style for your team
  • Organizing code into functions
  • Organizing functions into packages
  • Documenting code
  • Using version control
  • Practical examples from the field

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