Managing large codebases in R

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About the webinar

This Webinar is a one-hour session designed for M&E specialists and Information Management Officers who are familiar with the R programming language and wish to advance their skills so as to manage large codebases more effectively.

In summary, we discuss:

  • Adopting a coding style for your team
  • Organizing code into functions
  • Organizing functions into packages
  • Documenting code
  • Using version control
  • Practical examples from the field

View the presentation slides of the Webinar.

View Ryo's presentation notes.

Is this Webinar for me?

  • Are you responsible for information management in your organization and do you work with R?
  • Do you work with large codebases and need to add structure in the way you manage them?
  • Do you wish to advance your skills in R?

Then, watch our Webinar!

About the Presenters

Mr. Alexander Bertram, Technical Director of BeDataDriven and founder of ActivityInfo, is a graduate of the American University's School of International Service and started his career in international assistance fifteen years ago working with IOM in Kunduz, Afghanistan and later worked as an Information Management officer with UNICEF in DR Congo. With UNICEF, frustrated with the time required to build data collection systems for each new programme, he worked on the team that developed ActivityInfo, a simplified platform for M&E data collection. In 2010, he left UNICEF to start BeDataDriven and develop ActivityInfo full time. Since then, he has worked with organizations in more than 50 countries to deploy ActivityInfo for monitoring & evaluation.

Mr. Ryo Nakagawara is an experienced R developer and data engineer/scientist with experience in international development and soccer analytics, currently residing in Japan. Ryo's strengths lie in building data pipelines by creating and maintaining R packages, scripts, reproducible reports, dashboards, and more. Ryo also has experience managing large codebases/projects in open-source and enterprise environments on GitHub. Outside of work, Ryo regularly contributes to both fun and serious open-source projects as well as being an editor on the "R Weekly" newsletter. You can find Ryo on Github or LinkedIn.

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