Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) configuration

If your organization uses Azure Active Directory, please consider the Azure Active Directory Configuration Guide as the configuration process is far simpler than AD FS.

ADFS Setup

  • Open the AD FS administration console on your Windows Server and add a new Application Group
  • Enter "ActivityInfo" as the name of the integration, and select Server Application from the Standalone applications section and click Next.
  • Copy the Client Identifier and save it for later.
  • Add the following Redirect URI: "", replacing "" with the domain name you have chosen for your ActivityInfo server.
  • In the "Configure Application Credentials", check the "Generate a shared secret" box and then use the "Copy to clipboard" button to copy and save the secret for later.

Adding the provider in ActivityInfo

Navigate to the Server Settings interface and then to the "Single Sign On" section.

From the "Add Provider" menu, choose "Add other"

Enter the URL of your ADFS server in the Provider URL box and copy and paste the the Client ID and Client Secrets into the editor and click "Save"

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