Working offline

ActivityInfo’s mobile application can either work with a direct connection to the server, or with a local copy of the database stored on the device.

Enabling offline mode

  • Navigate the database that you would like to make data available offline
  • Click “Download for offline use”
  • When the message appears “Database … is downloaded and ready to use offline”, you can safely disconnect from your network.

Screencast of enabling offline mode in the mobile app (webm)

You will be able to review, collect, and update data in the database without an internet connection.

Rememer that you can still use the geolocation feature when disconnected from the internet, as this geolocation relies on your device’s GPS receiver, not an internet connection.

Automatic synchronization

When you have made a database available offline, the Mobile app will attempt to synchronize with the server every five minutes, downloading any changes from the server, and sending any pending changes from the mobile phone to the server.

Force synchronization

To force synchronization earlier, touch the top of the screen, and drag downwards to the bottom of the screen, then release your touch:

Screen recording of forcing a refresh (webm)

Remove offline data

To remove synchronized data from your device, navigate to your database, and then click “Remove offline copy.”

Security precautions

When using an offline copy, data from your database for which you have view permission will be stored locally on the device. If your device is lost or stolen, this could put your organization’s data at risk. You can mitigate the risks of lost or stolen devices by taking the following two steps:

  • Use with mobile phone with encryption at rest. Devices with Android 7.0 and higher encrypt user data by default, as well as all iPhones and iPads. For other devices, check with your manufacturer.
  • Set a screenlock.
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