Adding Records using a mobile device

The following section describes how to add a Record to a Form using a mobile device.

Users can collect data using their mobile devices when they are in the field by getting the ActivityInfo app from Google Play (for Android devices) or by connecting to ActivityInfo via a browser (on iOS devices). Users can optionally add ActivityInfo to the Home screen of their iOS device.

Please note that if you are adding Records while you are offline, the data will be synchronized and added to the system once you find an internet connection.

To make a Database available offline and be able to collect data when there is no internet connectivity, you need to be connected to the Internet to perform your account's synchronisation. So make sure that you have made the Database available offline, before heading to the field by clicking on "Download database" in the Forms List page. In order to synchronise the data collected during the offline data collection with your account you need to be online (i.e. connected to the Internet) again.

To be able to add Records to a Form, users must be invited to that Form and must have the respective permissions in the user Role assigned to them.

How to add Records using a mobile device

  • Open the ActivityInfo app (Android) or navigate to the ActivityInfo website from your mobile phone (iOS).
  • Login to your account and navigate to the Form where you want to add a Record.
  • Click on the Form and click on "Add record" to start adding your first Record.

  • You can start adding your data to each question in the Data Entry form.
  • Navigate to the next question by clicking on "Next" and to the previous question by clicking on "Previous".
  • Cancel a Record and go back to the Form by tapping on "Cancel record entry" at the top right corner of the Data Entry Form.
  • Fill in all the required fields. In case you miss a required field you will not be able to proceed to the next question. The required fields will be marked with a "REQUIRED" box and an asterisk.
  • When entering the date in the Date field you can either manually write the Date or select it from the Calendar. To open the calendar tap on the field.

  • To fill in Multi-line of Text fields you can type directly you answer in the field. Tap in the field and use the keyboard of your device to fill in the field.

To add an attachment click on "Browse" and select the file you want to attach from the files in your device. Alternatively, select an app from your mobile phone to capture the information you need and add them to the Form.

  • For Single Selection fields, select one answer by tapping on the circle that corresponds to the answer.

  • For Multiple Selection fields, select as many answers as needed by tapping on the squares that correspond to the answers.

  • In some cases you might need to select more answers from multiple drop down menus, similar to a cascading effect. For example when a Form uses the built-in Geodatabase you will be able to search and select a Governorate and then a District from the available lists or other Location types.
  • To narrow down the results of the list and make the selection quicker start typing in the field the name you are looking for.

  • For Geographic Points you can either type the coordinates for the Longitude and the Latitude or click on "Use current GPS location" to use your current geographic location.

If the Form has one or more Subforms, you can easily add your Records to the Subform. Click on the Subform to open it and start filling in the fields as before.

  • When you finish adding the Record click on "Submit record" to add the Record to the Form.
  • You can continue adding Records in the same way.

  • If you encounter difficulty refreshing or resyncing ActivityInfo on mobile due to the absence of the browser bar, you can resolve the issue and regain functionality by pulling to refresh
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