Installing the ActivityInfo app on Android

ActivityInfo’s mobile app can be installed either from the Google Play store as a Trusted Web App (TWA), or directly from the website as Progressive Web App (PWA). Both versions have the same functionality.

Before you begin

You can only use the ActivityInfo mobile app once you have been invited to a database, or you have added your own database and form.

Installing from Google Play

On your phone, open the Google Play app, and search for “ActivityInfo.” Alternatively, you can open the app’s page directly.

Click “Install”

When installation completes, click “Open” and proceed to Log in.

Installing from the ActivityInfo website

If you are unable to install ActivityInfo from the Google Play Store, you can also install the app directly from the ActivityInfo website.

  • Navigate to
  • Login with your ActivityInfo account.
  • When prompted to “Add ActivityInfo to your home screen”, click “Install”
  • When prompted to confirm, click “Install” again


Opening the app

After installing either from Google Play, or from the website, or you will find ActivityInfo on your homescreen.

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