Lock definition

A Lock is a restriction which prevents users from adding or editing data to a resource (Folder, Form or Subform).

Locks allow you to preserve versions of your data after they have been validated by your information management processes.

Locks can be:

  • Based on Date range; applied on a specific time period.
  • Rule based; applied when a specific rule is true.

A date range Lock can be set on any Form or Subform that has a Date/Month/Week field added as a Key field or on any Database or Folder containing  a Form with such a Key field. Users will get an error message when they try to add a Record for the locked period and they won't be able to save the Record.

A rule based Lock  is applicable only to Forms and Subforms. It uses a Formula to define a rule and allows you to relate the Lock to criteria other than date, such as region or type of response, for example. The Formula must have a boolean-typed result.

If a Record of a Form is locked, then the Records of the Form's Subforms will be locked as well.

Locks have the Property 'active' which allows you to temporarily suspend a Lock.