Input Mask

The Input Mask property is available for Text fields and can be used to constrain what users type in a Field when adding records. It can be used to make sure that users enter certain digits or letters.

When adding Records, as users type in the field that has an Input Mask, the data entered will automatically get validated and the field will turn red if the data entered do not match the Input Mask and green if they do.

Input Masks can be useful if you have a field with administrative codes, for example or if you want to customise a Serial Number field using a Text field and you want the text to have a specific format.

The following table shows the characters that can be used to create an Input Mask and their explanation.

Character Explanation
0 User must enter one digit (0 to 9)
00 User must enter two digits (0 to 9)
L User must enter a letter
LL User must enter two letters
A User must enter a letter or a digit
\ Character immediately following will be displayed literally

The following table shows examples using an Input Mask and their explanation.

Example Input mask Explanation
Family Registration Number  1-00000000 The ‘1-' is always fixed the rest of the digits can be different
Case worker  Initials LLL
Initials have to be 3 letters long
Case worker ID 000 ID has to be 3 digits
Administrative number 2\02\0-00-000 The ‘2020-‘ and the other dashes are fixed; the rest of the numbers can be changed. 
US phone number (000) 000-0000 The brackets, space, and dash are fixed