Tracking participant attendance with QR codes

When the tracking participant attendance across many related events, maintaining attendance records can be time-consuming and error prone. Using pre-printed QR codes together with ActivityInfo’s QR code scanner can help streamline the process.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to prepare for a registration process using ActivityInfo and configure your forms to support this process.

Step 1: Prepare your pre-printed QR codes

Download and print this QR code template. Cut into individual cards that can be distributed to programme participants.

Step 2: Set up your registration form

  • Add a new form called “Participant Registry”
  • In this form, add a Barcode field by selecting the Barcode field type from the Fields palette.
  • Add a text field with the label “Full name” and make it a Key Field
  • Add a date field with the label “Date of Birth” and make it required
  • Save the form.

Step 3: Set up your attendance tracking form

  • Add a new form called “Training”
  • Add a required date field with the label “Training date”
  • Add a required text field with the label “Training topic”
  • Add a subform called “Participants”
  • In the subform, add a single Reference Field to your “Participant Registry” form, and make the Key field.
  • Save both the subform and the parent form.

Step 4: Register your participants

With ActivityInfo’s mobile app, open the Participant Registry form.

When registering a new a participant:

  • Take a new, blank QR card from the pile, and click “Scan barcode with camera”.

  • Write the participant’s name on the QR card and record their name in the next field in Participant Registration form
  • Hand the card to the participant
  • Complete the rest of the fields related to the participant (Birth date, etc)
  • Save the record

Step 5: Register attendance

At the beginning of the training or other event, add a new record in the “Training” form.

Enter the date and topic of the training.

In the last field, you will come to the Participants subform field:

Click “Add record in subform” to add the first participant.

In the next screen, you can click “Scan barcode with camera” to scan the participant’s QR code:

If the QR code matches a registered participant, their name will automatically appear in the “Full name” field. Click Next to confirm the name and return to the participant list.

If the participant has forgotten (or lost) their card, you can still search for their name, or select it from the list,

If the participant is new, you can also register them directly, without breaking your flow, by clicking on “Add reference record in Participant”

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