Adding Partners to the multi-partner reporting Database

This article describes how to add Partners to the Partner Form of the multi-partner reporting Database to be able to use the Reporting partner Role of the Database and assign individual users to Partners.

In ActivityInfo you can use the readily available templates to get quickly started with your programme. 

Some of the templates can be used to allow you to create Databases where multiple Partners and their users can cooperate. 

For example, the "Multi-partner reporting database" template is ideal if you want to create a Database where multiple Partners will collaborate on reporting for specific activities of programmes.

Not all templates are optimized for adding Partners. Make sure you are using a template that allows partner reporting such as the "Multi-partner reporting database".

How to add Partners

  • Navigate to the Database Design section of your Database.
  • You can start adding your Partners in the "Partner" Form located in the "Reference Data" folder. Click on the arrow to reveal the contents of the folder.
  • Click on the Partner Form to select it and click on "View and edit records" in the Resource side panel.
  • The Table View page of this Form is empty because no Records have been added so far. Click on "Add record" to start adding Partners as Records.
  • Type the name of the first Partner and click on "Save record".
  • The Partner has been added. Repeat the same process to add all of the Partners. You can also import a list of Partners instead. This is very useful if you have many Partners. In the Table View page, click on "Import" and follow the steps in the article "Importing Records".
  • When you have added all the Partners, you can navigate back to the Database by clicking on the name of the Database on the breadcrumb at the top of the Table View page.

Also, when assigning the Role of Reporting partner to a user you can define the user's Partner to refine the Permissions assigned to the user.