Adding a Reverse Reference Field

The following section describes how to add a Reverse Reference field when designing a Form. Reverse Reference fields allow you to “reverse” an existing Reference field which references your form. This enables users to view and move between referenced records from the Table View, as well as enabling queries on related records in your Reports.

Kindly be advised that the data presented in this guide is for  illustrative purposes only and does not correspond to any real  individual, location, or organization. Any resemblance to actual  persons, places, or entities is purely coincidental.

To create a Reverse Reference field, you must first have an existing form with a Reference field defined which points to your current form. Reference fields which reference other forms cannot be reversed in your current form.

How to add a Reverse Reference field

Before adding a Reverse Reference field

  • Make sure you have already added a database and
  • You have added a Reference field in another Form, which points to your current Form.

Assuming you're an administrator for a Case Management Database and you want to see the number of beneficiary records for each partner organization, you can achieve this using a Reverse Reference field. You need at least two forms for this:

A Beneficiary Form: This is the source form where you collect details about beneficiaries. In this form, there is a reference field called "Name of partner organization".

A Partner Organization Form: This is the second form, where you keep a list of partner organizations that has been referenced in the “Beneficiary Form” above. You want to include a Reverse Reference field here that links to the “Beneficiary form”.

  • Go to your current Form, in this case, the “Partner organizations" form and in the Form Design page, click on the add field button to add a new field.
  • Click on "Reverse reference” from the Fields palette.
  • Search for the Database and the Form which reference your current Form. Click on the arrows to reveal the contents of each Database, Folder or Form.
  • Select the Form and the Reference field you want to reverse and click on “Continue”.
  • Fill in the Properties of the Reverse Reference field, and in the Settings check the boxes you want to apply for the field. The original Reference field selected will be shown under “Reverse reference" section.
  • Click on "Done" to add the field.
  • The Reverse Reference field has been added to the Form.
  • When you finish adding fields, click on "Save" to save the Form.