Moving a Form

The following section describes how to move a Form into or out of a Folder using the Database Design settings.

You can easily move a Form using the Database Settings page to restructure your Database.

You might want to move one or more Forms to another Folder in order to organize your Database. You might also want to move a Form outside a Folder until you decide where you want it to be added.

When moving a Form to a Folder, users that have access to the Folder will be able to access the Form according to their permissions.

How to move a Form

  • In the Database Design section, find the Form you want to move and click on it to select it. If the Form is inside a Folder click on the arrow next to the Folder name to reveal its contents.
  • Click on "Move" to reveal the available locations where the Form can be moved and select the location where you want to move the Form. 'Database root' means that the Form will be moved outside the Folder.
  • The Form has been moved.