Add a Record to a Form

One of the key activities performed on ActivityInfo is data collection. Users can add Records to a Form. The correct Permission levels must have been set for each user according to the intention of the Administrator of the Database. The following article describes the way to add a Record to a Form.

The maximum number of Records that can be added in a Form is 200,000 Records.

How to add a new Record to a Form

Add the Record
  • Click on the "Add record" button.
  • In the Data Entry page start entering your data into each of the fields.
  • If the Form is using Section headers, you can easily navigate from one section to another by selecting it.
  • Section headers that include fields which have been filled in correctly will be marked with green. If they have been filled in incorrectly they will be marked with red.
  • If Relevance rules are used in the Form, you might encounter new fields to fill in based on your answers.
  • Maximum length of a Text field record value: 1024 characters
  • Maximum length of a Multi-line Text field record value: 65536 characters
  • Maximum Attachment size:  10 MB
  • Maximum number of Attachments per field: 20 attachments
  • When entering the date in the Date field keep in mind that the date format used across the ActivityInfo platform is the International date format "YYYY-MM-DD". This means that no matter which locale or browser you are using and regardless the way you insert a date, ActivityInfo will always provide this date format.
  • Instead of manually writing the Date, you can select it from the Calendar.
  • In Quantity fields, the decimal point or decimal comma will be used automatically based on the language you are working in.
  • Fill in all the required fields. In case you miss a required field you will not be able to save the data you entered. The required fields will be marked with a "REQUIRED" box and will be highlighted in red if you try to save without filling them in.
  • If the Form includes a Required Subform you will need to add Records to the Subform too in order to save the Record of the Form.
  • If the Form includes a Multi-line field, and you want to type a long text, you can navigate up and down the field using the bar that appears on the right of the box. To do this drag the bar up or down. You can also expand the box by dragging its corner.
  • In Reference fields and Single Selection fields that appear as a drop-down menu you can start typing and select the answer from the list of options.
  • If you are required to add a specific type of text in a field, a greyed out placeholder, named Input Mask, will indicate the type of text you need to add to match it.
  • Click on the "Save record" button to save the Record you added.

You can navigate in the Form with your Keyboard too:

  • Tab: Move downwards
  • Tab + SHIFT: Move upwards
  • Arrow down: Reveal drop-down menu
  • ENTER: Select an option from a drop-down menu
  • Space bar: Select or deselect an option from a multiple selection field (check box)

When you are adding Records you will only see the fields that are related to the answers you provide. Fields that have been added with a Relevance rule will only appear if you fulfil the condition.