Starting a free trial

If you are still evaluating whether ActivityInfo is a good fit for your organization, or are interested in learning how to use ActivityInfo for your own personal education, you can add a database using a trial account.

Signing up for a trial account

You can start a new free trial by visiting the

Complete the form and click “Start your trial.”

Signing up for a trial account if you’re already using ActivityInfo

If you already have a trial account, perhaps because you’ve been invited to a database by another organization using ActivityInfo, you can still start a free trial, but you must log in first:

Login and start trial

Add a database with a template

An easy way to explore ActivityInfo is to add a database from a template. Visit our template library to find a use case that you’d like to explore.

When you’ve selected your template, click “Try this template”, and then “Create your own database based on this template”

If you are logged in, the “Add database from template” form will open directly:

Otherwise you will need to sign up for a free trial account or login first.

Add a database from scratch

You can also create a blank, empty database in which you can design your own structure.

  • Log in to ActivityInfo
  • From the databases page, click “Add database”

  • Click “Add database”
  • Enter the name of your programme or project in the “Database name” field
  • Select “Blank database”
  • Click “Add database”

End of your trial

A trial account lasts for 30 days. When the thirty days expires, any databases you have created will be suspended, and you won’t be able to access them.

If your organization later chooses to purchase an ActivityInfo subscription, we can transfer the database to your new account.

Starting your trial over again

After your trial ends, if you delete all of the databases associated with your trial account, your trial account will be closed and you can start a new trial account.

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