From Theory of Change to database design for evidence-based decision making - How to develop a MEAL plan

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About the webinar

The Monitoring and Evaluation webinar series “From Theory of Change to database design for evidence-based decision making” is a series of five live sessions addressed to M&E professionals working in humanitarian or development operations.

These webinars comprise a course which will help you get a comprehensive understanding of all the steps involved in moving from a Theory of Change to a functional MEAL system. Each session will focus on a particular aspect of this path including: Theory of Change, Results Framework and LogFrame, Indicators, Measurement Methods and developing a MEAL plan as well as database design.

It is highly recommended that you join or watch the recordings of all webinars in their consecutive order so as to benefit from the complete course.

List of sessions

From Theory of Change to database design for evidence-based decision making:

  1. Theory of change (Jan 26th)
  2. Results framework and LogFrame (Feb 2nd)
  3. Indicators (Feb 9th)
  4. Measurement methods (Feb 16th)
  5. How to develop a MEAL plan (Feb 23rd)

About this session

This webinar is the fifth and final session of the webinar series “From Theory of Change to database design for evidence-based decision making”. It is a one-hour session ideal for Monitoring and Evaluation professionals or Program Managers who are interested in developing a MEAL plan and a system to support it. We base the session on a specific scenario to make the presentation easier to follow.

In summary, we explore:

  • What is the MEAL plan?
  • Why is the MEAL plan important?
  • How does the ActivityInfo platform enable the use of MEAL plans?

View the presentation slides of the Webinar.

Is this Webinar for me?

  • Are you an M&E practitioner or Program Manager who wishes to better understand the steps for building a MEAL plan and how ActivityInfo can support you in that?
  • Are you responsible for leading M&E in your organization, or is that a role you would like to take on and you would like to get a deeper understanding of the tools that can facilitate your work?

Then, watch our webinar!

About the Trainer

Ms Eliza Avgeropoulou earned her BSc from Athens University of Economics and Business, and her MSc degree in Economic Development and Growth from Lund University and Carlos III University, Madrid. She brings eight years of experience in M&E in international NGOs, including CARE, Innovations for Poverty Action and Catholic Relief Services (CRS). The past five years, she has led the MEAL system design for various multi-stakeholders’ projects focusing on education, livelihoods, protection and cash. She believes that evidence-based decision making is the core of high quality program implementation. She now joins us as our M&E Implementation Specialist, bringing together her experience on the ground and passion for data-driven decision making to help our customers achieve success with ActivityInfo.

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