Add a Calculated field in the table view

The following section describes the steps for adding a Calculated field in the Table View of a Form. By adding such a field you can make some quick calculations based on the Records collected and view the results directly in the Table View.

You can add a Calculated field and make additional calculations using the Table View. Adding a Calculated field will create a temporary new column in the Table View and can be exported when you export the Records.

Please note that the Calculated field when added this way won't be saved in your Table View. For a permanent result, you can add a Calculated field inside your Form instead.

How to add a Calculated field using the table view

  • Navigate to the Table View of your Form.
  • Click on 'Select columns'.

  • Click on 'Add calculated field' in the Select columns side panel.

  • Type your Formula in the Formula editor and click on 'Done'.

Read more about Writing an expression for a Formula.

  • Select the new calculated field column to rename it.

  • Click on the 'X' on the Select columns side panel to close the side panel.
  • The Calculated field has been added and you can view it on the Table View.

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