Adding a Calculated Field to a Report

The following section describes how to add a Calculated Field to a Pivot Table. Calculated Fields allow you to write advanced Formulas, using the Formula editor in order to produce more advanced results from your data analysis.

How to Add a Calculated Field

  • After selecting the source of data you will use for the Pivot Table, select the field(s) you want to use as a field from the list of the fields and drag and drop the field(s) to Measures. then click on "+ Add calculated field".
  • You can also click directly on "+ Add calculated field" without adding any Measure.

To create a Calculated Field you need to have collected data. Calculated Fields can only be created with Quantity fields, Single Selection fields or Multiple Selection fields.

  • The Formula editor will appear. Under Functions (left-hand side) you can view the Functions available. Under Fields (right-hand side) you can view the Fields available. Start writing your Formula.
  • Click on "Done" when the Formula is valid.

  • If the Formula is valid then the done button will be enabled. Otherwise it will remain disabled.
  • View the available functions in Formula manual and read more about writing Formulas.

In the Measures card, you can also edit the name of the Measure or delete it, set statistics for it, and select from different display and number format options.

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