Simple identification Form

This article includes a sample Form template which can be used to help you collect some information about a beneficiary. This Form can be linked to other Forms that collect information about individuals by using its Serial Number.

With this Form you can collect information that identify an individual. As these information can be confidential there might be the need for only specific people to have access to it. In that case you can use a Serial Number to identify this individual. The Serial Number can be then used in other Forms referring to the identification Form. So you will able to connect various types of Forms to this particular Form without revealing more information about the individual.

You can copy the sample Form, use the Form Schema at the end of the article or get some inspiration for your own Forms. You can also design similar Forms to collect more detailed data about your programmes and the beneficiaries.

Add a Form
  • In the Database Design section, click on 'Add form' to add a Form and give a name to it.
  • Add a Serial Number and give it a descriptive name (e.g. 'Administrative ID). This will be the Key field of this Form and can be used when you reference this Form in other Forms.
  • You can add a Date fields to collect the date of the interview/intake and the date of birth of the individual. You can add a Code to the Date of Birth to automatically calculate the age of the individual.
  • Then you can add various Text fields to collect the First and Last name of the individual, Contact people for the individual and Multi-line Text fields for more detailed information such as the Address of the individual, the city of origin etc.
  • You can also add Single Selection fields to define the type of identification id the individual has, the gender, the marital status, the employment status, the education level, etc.
  • With a Calculated field you can round up the age of the individual based on the birth date. The Formula would be CEIL(YEARFRAC(CODEOFDATEFIELD, TODAY())), where CODEOFDATEFIELD would be the Code you added in the Date field for the birth of the individual.
  • Finally, you can add attachment fields to collect a photograph of the individual or any other document needed.
  • You can also add Relevance rules and Validation rules to further define the type of answers accepted.
Form schema

Instead of manually designing the Form, you can directly import the fields list to your Form. The following file contains the fields lists for the  Form. As this is a sample Form, you might need different fields so can add new fields, edit fields or delete the fields that you don't need to customize the Form. 

You can also add Relevance rules or Validation rules after you import the fields to the Form.

  • To import the first fields list to Form, add a new Form and give it a name.
  • Download and open the file below which includes the fields for the Form.
  • Copy the cells along with their Headers.
  • In the Form Design page, open the fields palette of the Form and click on "Paste field list from spreadsheet". 
  • Paste the cells and click on "Add fields" to add them.