Select Columns

The following section describes the steps for selecting which columns to view in the Table View. This allows you to view only the Records you need. It is also a handy action if you want to customize your queries for the ActivityInfo API.

You can also filter the Records to customize what you view.

How to Select Columns

  • On the Select columns side panel, find the fields you want to view and drag and drop them from the "Available columns" list to the "Selected columns" list.
  • To remove a column, click on the name of the Field that you want to remove in the "Selected columns" and click on the "Delete" button.
  • You can also rename a column. This will change the header in the Table View but will not affect the Data Entry page.
  • Once you have selected all the columns you want to view click on the "X" mark on the top left corner of the Select columns side panel.
  • The selected columns will appear in the Table View.

Please note that the changes you make to the Table View will only be visible to you. Selecting Columns doesn't affect how other users view the Records of the Table View.