Meet your needs, comply with regulations

The ActivityInfo SaaS version frees you from the headaches of installing, configuring, and maintaining complex software systems and servers.

The ActivityInfo Self-managed Server allows you to use the platform on your own server or cloud account and conform to internal or external regulations.

SaaS or Self-managed?

Deciding on which version to use

ActivityInfo SaaS

  • Managed by our team, runs on Google Cloud Platform, available over the public Internet.
  • Scalable to any number of users, guaranteed maximum amount of hosted data.
  • Service Level Agreement for 99.5% availability.
  • Weekly automatic software updates.
  • Instant data recovery. Our team is responsible for backups and data durability.
  • Available via a subscription.

ActivityInfo Self-managed

  • Managed by your team, runs on a physical computer on premise or on a cloud account you manage. Can run on internal networks, incl. air-gapped networks.
  • Scale depends on your hardware. Limited to one physical server or virtual machine.
  • Your team is responsible for availability. Downtime required for upgrades and maintenance.
  • New features released quarterly.
  • Backups and data durability are part of your team's responsibilities. Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives depend on your disaster recovery strategy.
  • Available via a licence.
Commercial support

Get help whenever needed

Our paid subscriptions include a Service Level Agreement (SLA) (applicable to SaaS only) and technical support by our dedicated and knowledgeable support staff.

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