Collect data in mobile devices

Collect data during surveys, monitoring visits, or even for regular reporting using a tablet or a mobile phone. Analyze it comfortably on the big screen.

All your data in one place

Work with data in the field

Use a mobile device for data collection and combine seamlessly data collected from the field with reported outputs, baseline data or other indicators from within and outside your organization.

Screenshot of ActivityInfo on a tablet

Offline mobile data collection

You can make a database available offline, collect data without an internet connection and synchronize your changes when you are connected to the internet.

Scan barcodes

Identify instantly a specific record from a printed barcode using the camera of your mobile device.

Collect signatures

Respondents can draw their signatures directly on the mobile device.

Data collection app for small screens

Use our application for mobile data collection and work comfortably using the small screen of a mobile phone.

Offline data collection

Collect data when offline, synchronize when a connection becomes available

ActivityInfo has been built from the ground-up to perform in challenging environments with limited internet connection.

Learn more about offline data collection in ActivityInfo