ActivityInfo R package updates

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About the webinar

Are you working with R and data analysis in ActivityInfo or do you wish to learn more about the ActivityInfo R package?

With the support of ACDI/VOCA, we've undertaken a series of major improvements to ActivityInfo's R package. With version 4.33, the package includes various new functions. During this one hour session, together with Mr. Ryo Nakagawara from ACDI/VOCA and Mr. Nicolas Dickinson from WASHNote, we take a look at new functions of the ActivityInfo R package.

In summary, we discuss:

  • Integration with the tidyverse
  • Bulk importing data
  • Adding and manipulating form schemas
  • Querying large datasets with filters
  • Documentation overview

To get started with the ActivityInfo R package please take a look at the webinar Introduction to R and the ActivityInfo R package

We'll be continuing to make improvements to the package based on your feedback so make sure to visit the GitHub repo and "star" and "watch" the repository for updates.

Is this Webinar for me?

  • Are you responsible for information management in your organization and do you use the ActivityInfo R package?
  • Do you have an admin role in the platform or wish to expand your knowledge to enrich your capabilities?
  • Are you leading data analysis for data collected in ActivityInfo from partner organizations or colleagues?

Then, watch our webinar!

About the Presenters

Mr. Alexander Bertram, Executive Director of BeDataDriven and founder of ActivityInfo, is a graduate of the American University's School of International Service and started his career in international assistance fifteen years ago working with IOM in Kunduz, Afghanistan and later worked as an Information Management officer with UNICEF in DR Congo. With UNICEF, frustrated with the time required to build data collection systems for each new programme, he worked on the team that developed ActivityInfo, a simplified platform for M&E data collection. In 2010, he left UNICEF to start BeDataDriven and develop ActivityInfo full time. Since then, he has worked with organizations in more than 50 countries to deploy ActivityInfo for monitoring & evaluation.

Mr. Ryo Nakagawara is an experienced R developer and data engineer/scientist with experience in international development and soccer analytics, currently residing in Japan. Ryo's strengths lie in building data pipelines by creating and maintaining R packages, scripts, reproducible reports, dashboards, and more. Ryo also has experience managing large codebases/projects in open-source and enterprise environments on GitHub. Outside of work, Ryo regularly contributes to both fun and serious open-source projects as well as being an editor on the "R Weekly" newsletter. You can find Ryo on Github or LinkedIn.

Mr. Nick Dickinson works on the monitoring of primarily water, sanitation and hygiene services (WASH) and works to strengthen collaboration between the public, non-profit, and private sector communities (national governments, UN agencies, service providers, wikipedia, etc.) to improve access to high quality and relevant information on services and factors influencing their sustainability. In addition to working on the ActivityInfo R package, he maintains an R package jmpwashdata that brings together 300+ excel sheets published by the Joint Monitoring Programme of UNICEF and WHO to improve access to data on WASH services.

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