Evaluation in humanitarian assistance

Welcome to the course “Evaluation in humanitarian assistance”. This is a series of three sessions addressed to M&E professionals working in humanitarian operations.

The sessions will help you get a comprehensive understanding of all the steps involved in evaluation in humanitarian assistance including: introduction, planning and design and implementation.

It is highly recommended that you join or watch the recordings of all webinars in their consecutive order so as to benefit from the complete course.

These are free training sessions provided by the ActivityInfo team. You can either register and join the live session or watch the recording at your own pace once it becomes available.

Are these sessions for me?

  • Are you an entry/intermediate level M&E practitioner who wishes to better understand the steps included in an evaluation for humanitarian assistance and are you looking for an introduction to this topic?
  • Are you assisting in evaluations in your organization, or is that a role you would like to take on and you would like to get a deeper understanding that can facilitate your work?

Then, get started with these sessions!

Getting started with evaluation in humanitarian assistance

During this session, we will be offering an overview of the basics of evaluation in humanitarian assistance.

In summary, we explore:

What is the evaluation of humanitarian action?

  • What is different about EHA?
  • A brief history of EHA
  • How does monitoring associate with evaluation?
  • What are the key challenges in EHA?

Deciding to perform an evaluation

  • What is the purpose of evaluation?

  • How to decide when and what to evaluate?

  • What are the ethics considerations of evaluation?

  • Case studies: Real time evaluation

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Evaluation planning and design in humanitarian assistance

During this session, we will be looking at the planning and design phase in evaluation.

In summary, we explore:

Evaluation design:

  • What type of evaluation are you going to undertake?
  • What are the different types of evaluations?
  • How to frame your evaluation
  • How to determine evaluation questions
  • What are the evaluation criteria?

Evaluation planning:

  • What are the activities upon the inception phase?
  • How can you best plan and manage the evaluation?
  • What is desk review and why is it important?

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Implementation of evaluation in humanitarian assistance

During this session, we will be looking at the implementation phase of an evaluation.

In summary, we explore:

Implementing an evaluation:

  • What are the main evaluation designs?
  • What are the main sampling methods?
  • What are the main field methods?
  • What type of analysis corresponds best to the implementation?
  • Case study: Using ActivityInfo for survey implementation

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