View a Record Attachment of a document, image or signature

The following section describes the steps for viewing the an attachment added to a Record of a Form or Subform using the Details tab of the Table View page.

Users can add an attachment (e.g. a PDF file) to a Form if the Form has an Attachment field.

Attachments can be:

  • of any file type
  • of maximum file size 10 MB
  • maximum number of attachments per field is 20 attachments.

An attachment of a Record can be found in the Details tab of the Record side panel.

  • You can find all attached documents in the Details tab of the Table View page.
  • You can download attachments but you cannot export them when you export Records.
  • You cannot import Attachments.

How to view a Record Attachment

  • Navigate to your Form.
  • Click on the Record for which you wish to view the Attachment to open the Record side panel.
  • Find the Attachment on the Details tab and click on it to download it.

  • Once downloaded, click on the file on the Download Bar of your browser to open it.

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