Setting up a custom domain for your organization

This article is about setting up a custom domain for your organization when using the ActivitityInfo SaaS version hosted by the ActivityInfo team. For information on setting up the self-managed server on your own hardware or cloud account, please refer to our Self-managed Server Administrator’s Guide.

Custom domains are included in the Organization pricing plan, but are also available for a yearly surcharge. Contact for a quote.

Why use a custom domain?

Providing a branded experience for their staff members and external stakeholders can be important because it:

  • Reinforces ActivityInfo as the preferred tool for information management, limiting the the risk of fragmentation and shadow IT systems
  • Promotes adoption of the system within the organization
  • Demonstrates competence to external stakeholders
  • Simplify communication with external data providing partners (not necessary to explain to them what “ActivityInfo” is)
  • Compliance with donor requirements

Choosing a custom domain

In most cases, you will want to choose a subdomain of your organization’s domain. For example, if your organization’s internet domain is you might consider the following URLs for ActivityInfo:


The only constraint is that the domain must be a subdomain, and cannot be “www”. So the following domains are not supported:

  • ~~
  • ~~

DNS Setup

Once you have chosen your custom domain, you will need to ask your IT department to configure two DNS records that point this subdomain to our servers:

Record Type Value
AAAA 2600:1901:0000:c0c5:0000:0000:0000:0000

Enabling the custom domain

Once you the DNS records have been added, send a message to with the domain name. We will confirm that the DNS records are configured correctly and link the domain to your billing account.

You can upload a custom logo that will be displayed when accessing ActivityInfo through your custom domain.

  • Navigate to the billing settings page

  • Navigate to the “Branding” section

  • Upload your logo as a PNG image
  • You can add additional HTML that to include on the login page for your domain.
  • Click “Save.”

Log in to your custom domain

Navigate to your custom domain:

The log in page will include your logo and the HTML introduction you have provided.

After logging in, your logo will also be displayed in the application header.

Important to know

With a custom domain, you are still accessing the same ActivityInfo server. You and your staff will use the same credentials to log in, and you will have access to the same application and data that you would if you logged in via .

The only change is the URL and the branding.

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