In ActivityInfo, Forms are the main components of a Database.  A Form defines the various data to be collected, and how they link together. Usually, a Form will represent part of the information you wish to gather.

A Form could represent:

  • Tasks
  • Programs
  • Projects
  • Beneficiaries
  • Surveys
  • Interventions in a specific country
  • etc.

A Form is composed of one or more fields. Each field represents a type of data to be collected, and can be combined in any way you choose. This gives you flexibility in creating Forms which match your information requirements.

Forms can be grouped using Folders. 

Form Data Model

Forms are the primary way users will interact with your data. During Data Entry, a user will fill out the various fields defined on your Form, and save them in your Database. These saved entries are referred to as Records.

You can add one or more Forms within a Form, these are called Subforms.

Forms can also be linked together using special Reference fields. This will allow you to reduce duplication of data, and to report on connected data.