Adding a Lock

This article explains how to add a Lock to a Form or Subform to prevent users from adding or editing Records that belong to a particular time period. It presents the prerequisites for your Form or Subform and it showcases how Locks work in the Data Entry page.

By adding a Lock you can preserve versions of the Records after they have been validated by your information management processes for example and make sure that no user can edit them.

You can add a Lock to a Folder or a Subform. You need to add a Date/Month/Week field to your Form or Subform and make it a Key field in order to add the Lock.

How to add a Lock

  • Before adding a Lock to your Form make sure that it contains a Date/Month/Week which is a Key field.
  • On the Database List page, click on the Database that contains the Form you want to add a Lock to.
  • Click on "Database settings" to open the Database Settings page.
  • Navigate to the Form to which you want to add the Lock. Click on the arrows to reveal the contents of Folders.
  • In the Resource side panel of the Database Design section, click on "Locks" to open the Locks tab.
  • Click on "Add Lock" and give a name to the Lock.
  • Select the starting date and the ending date for your Lock. Click on the Calendar icon to reveal a Calendar or type the date following the format "YYYY-MM-DD".
  • Click on "Save" to save the Lock.
  • When users try to add a Record for that period or edit a Record for that period they will get a warning and won't be able to save the Record.