Add a Record to a Subform

One of the key activities performed on ActivityInfo is data collection. Users can add Records to a Subform, if they have been invited to the Database for which this Subform has been designed. The correct User Permission levels must have been set for each user according to the intention of the Administrator of the Database. The following article describes the ways to add Records to Subforms.

There are two ways to add a Record to a Subform:

  • You can add a Record directly through the Form using the inline Subform.
  • You can add a  Record using the Table View of the Subform.
How to add a Record using an inline Subform
  • Navigate to your Form.
  • Click on "Add record" and fill in the Fields of the Form, then scroll down the Form to navigate to the Subform.
  • Alternatively, select an existing Record and click on "Edit record" on the Details tab of the Record side panel to open the Parent Form and follow the same steps.
  • Click on the button with the name of your Subform, to open the Subform.
  • Fill in the Fields and click on the "Save record" button.
  • You will be taken back to the Parent Form. If you wish to add more Records to the Subform, click on the button with the name of your Subform, to open the Subform and follow the same process.
  • When you have added all the  Records, click on "Save Record", in the Parent Form.
How to add a new Record to a Subform using the Table View of the Subform
Add the Record to the Subform
  • Click on the "Add record" button.
  • Fill in the Subform by entering your data into each of the Fields.
  • If the Subform is using Section headers, you can easily navigate from one section to another by selecting it.
  • Section headers that include fields which have been filled in correctly will be marked with green. If they have been filled in incorrectly they will be marked with red.
  • To fill in a Date field, click on the calendar icon to reveal the list of years/months and select the relevant date from there.
  • Fill in all the required fields. In case you miss a required field you will not be able to save the data you entered. The required fields will be marked with a "REQUIRED" box and will be highlighted in red if you try to save without filling them in.
  • If Relevance Rules are used in the Subform, you might encounter new Fields to fill in based on your answers.
  • Click on the "Save record" button to save the Record.