Introduction to Automations in ActivityInfo

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About the webinar

In this session, we explore how automations in ActivityInfo allow you to optimize your workflows and maximize collaboration and efficiency within your team.

In summary, we explore:

  • The foundational principles of automations in ActivityInfo and their role in enhancing efficiency within projects.
  • Practical techniques for designing and implementing automations tailored to your unique processes.
  • Step-by-step guidance on setting up triggers, filters, and actions to automate routine tasks and streamline workflows.
  • Best practices for optimizing automations to ensure seamless integration with external applications.
  • Real-world examples showcasing the impact of automations on data management and project workflows.

View the presentation slides of the Webinar.

Is this Webinar for me?

  • Are you designing databases in ActivityInfo and need to add automations to streamline workflows in your information management processes?
  • Do you wish to explore the new 'Automations' feature and replace manual tasks with automated processes, improving efficiency?
  • Would you like to address questions related to automations?

Then, watch our Webinar!

About the trainer

Victoria Manya has a diverse background and extensive expertise in data-driven impact, project evaluation, and organizational learning. She holds a Master's degree in local development strategies from Erasmus University in the Netherlands and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the African Studies Center at Leiden University. With over ten years of experience, Victoria has collaborated with NGOs, law firms, SaaS companies, tech-enabled startups, higher institutions, and governments across three continents, specializing in research, policy, strategy, knowledge valorization, evaluation, customer education, and learning for development. Her previous roles as a knowledge valorization manager at the INCLUDE platform and as an Organizational Learning Advisor at Sthrive B.V. involved delivering high- quality M&E reports, trainings, ensuring practical knowledge management, and moderating learning platforms, respectively. Today, as a Customer Education Specialist at ActivityInfo, Victoria leverages her experience and understanding of data leverage to assist customers in successfully deploying ActivityInfo.

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