Device security in the field

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About the webinar

Welcome to another Webinar session hosted by the ActivityInfo team! This time we focus on key considerations for Device Security in the field and we are happy to welcome two experienced Security professionals from Arculus Cyber-Security, Alun Smale-Saunders and Adrian Harrington. This session is addressed to all M&E, Information management and field officers who wish to expand their knowledge on information security and more specifically on device security.

The tentative agenda for this session is:

  • Pre-Deployment Considerations
  • Risk Assessment / Risk Appetite
  • Equipment Security in the Field
  • Operating Systems
  • Device Hardening Considerations
  • Hacking, Malware and Phishing considerations

Is this Webinar for me?

  • Are you responsible for the security of data collected in your organization?
  • Do you work in the field or with teams in the field who use mobile devices and wish to understand key aspects of device security?
  • Is device security important for you and your organization?

Then, watch our webinar!

About the Trainers

Mr. Alun Smale-Saunders is an experience security consultant currently working within the cyber security field, mostly dealing with compliance audits, notably ISO27001. Alun has a background within the military and has worked within the communications, Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, and Information, personnel and physical Security fields. He has conducted security planning and reviews within Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe and Africa. He has also worked with the United Nations within the Balkans.

Mr. Adrian Harrington is an experienced Cyber Security professional with a background in Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Advanced Search operations in the UK and around the world. He specialises in Red Teaming, Penetration Testing, Threat intelligence, SOC/SIEM solutions and Security Architecture.

Arculus Cyber-Security consists of a dedicated team of highly experienced cyber security professionals with leading industry credentials and certifications and work relentlessly to achieve successful security outcomes for our clients. Learn more about the company.

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