Measuring impact quantitatively - designing and collecting data

This Webinar is the first of two parts on the topic "Measuring impact quantitatively". It is a one-hour session ideal for Monitoring and Evaluation professionals who are interested in learning more about measuring impact. The first session will focus on the 'design and collect' process and the second session on March 17th will discuss statistics for impact analysis.

Some of the points we will cover are:

  • Understand how to demonstrate change over time quantitatively
  • Introduction to survey analysis for impact
  • Using cognitive interviews to improve survey instruments
  • Qualitative alternatives to demonstrating impact

There will also be a Q&A session so make sure you bring your questions to the table.

The Webinar will be in English and there are limited seats available.

Make sure to register in time using the registration form on this page.

Is this Webinar for me?

  • Are you an M&E practitioner responsible for designing surveys and data collection tools for your programmes?
  • Do you wish to learn more about working with quantitative data?
  • Do you wish to understand better surveys and how you can demonstrate the impact of your programmes?
  • Are you interested in constantly improving your systems?

Then, join our Webinar!

About the Speaker

Mr. Alexander Bertram, Technical Director of BeDataDriven and founder of ActivityInfo, is a graduate of the American University's School of International Service and started his career in international assistance fifteen years ago working with IOM in Kunduz, Afghanistan and later worked as an Information Management officer with UNICEF in DR Congo. With UNICEF, frustrated with the time required to build data collection systems for each new programme, he worked on the team that developed ActivityInfo, a simplified platform for M&E data collection. In 2010, he left UNICEF to start BeDataDriven and develop ActivityInfo full time. Since then, he has worked with organizations in more than 50 countries to deploy ActivityInfo for monitoring & evaluation.


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