Three day ActivityInfo training "From Novice to Expert"

Following the latest developments in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak and because of the concerns of people regarding travelling, we have decided to postpone the training in Istanbul, Turkey. We plan to reschedule the training later this year and we will keep you informed.

On April 6-8, the ActivityInfo team will be hosting a three day on-site training in the vibrant international city of Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. Many of our users have requested we provide a training session in Istanbul so this April we will be there.

We have designed the training days of the session "From Novice to Expert" in such a way, so that complete beginners can easily follow every step in mastering the software. Each day includes hands-on exercises where you will practice what you have learnt. There will be one-on-one support from our team to every participant.

In order to be able to provide personalized support to every participant there are limited seats so make sure you book your seat early enough.

Please note that this is a training given by the ActivityInfo Training Coordinator we won’t be covering the specifics of reporting to an individual cluster or donor.

Who is this training suitable for?

This training is ideal for you if you are looking for a way to simplify the information management or the monitoring and evaluation efforts of your team by using a simple and user-friendly online M&E software and you want to spend as little time as possible to achieve this.

Also, this training will be very beneficial for you if you are curious about designing the actual systems that collect information for a programme and you are considering moving from a data entry position to a position related to the designing of a system to collect and analyze data effectively.

During our trainings we have observed that the combination of people who work in the field doing data collection with people working in the database setup/survey design results in stronger and more efficient forms and databases thanks to the cooperation of the two sides. For this reason, we welcome all data entry officers who want to contribute with their practical knowledge and experience to the creation of an information system and who want to learn from other more experienced users about setting up databases and designing forms.

Information management officers, IM coordinators and IM consultants, M&E or MEAL officers and consultants, project or programme managers who need to get hands-on experience on using the tool or want to introduce a new tool to their organization to improve their processes, you are all welcome to join us in this training.

What do participants say about the training?

Maximum data management efficiency? It is when you can plan, collect, analyze, and report on ONE single platform!” G.Monzers, MEL Officer, Right To Play Lebanon, attended the Beirut training, in September 2019

Learning Outcomes


  • Introduction to M&E common issues and best practices.
  • From LogFrame to Information System.
  • Creating Databases in ActivityInfo.
  • Creating Interactive Forms for data collection.
  • Creating Forms for repetitive data collection.
  • Managing who does what with the data and the databases.
  • Adjusting and importing your older Questionnaires to ActivityInfo.


  • Collecting data using ActivityInfo.
  • Working online and offline with ActivityInfo.
  • Importing data to Forms and Subforms for repetitive data collection.
  • Using Filters on data.
  • Exporting your data.


  • Creating Pivot Tables & Bar Charts out of the data collected.
  • Using Formulas to get advanced results for your Pivot Table.
  • Using Filters on your Pivot Table.

What should I know?

The training will start on April 6th and end on April 8th. Every day starts at 09:00 am and finishes at 16:30 pm. It will be in English and there will be limited seats available. Participants need to bring their laptop in order to be able to follow along and complete the exercises each day. Also it is advised to have any of the established, up-to-date browsers installed.

Every participant will receive a certificate of participation and an extension of 1 month on their trial subscription on ActivityInfo so as to have sufficient time to apply all things learnt.

Early Bird prices will be available until March 12th. The price is €610 per ticket for the three days. Following that date the ticket price will increase to €750 per ticket. Ticket sales will stop on April 1st and there will be no tickets sold at the entrance. For groups of minimum 5 people we offer a 10% discount to the total price.

Please be aware that the ticket includes the three day access to the training, access to training materials following completion of the training, 2 coffee breaks and a lunch on each day of the training. The ticket is not refundable and does not include transport, accommodation or other costs made by the participant.

Tickets can be securely purchased online using the form on this page. By filling in the registration form you provide us with your email address and name and you consent to our using these information in order to contact you with information regarding the training.

All major debit or credit cards as well as iDEAL are accepted as payment methods. You can also request an invoice and pay by bank transfer.

About the trainer

The three day training will be given from ActivityInfo's Trainings Coordinator, Lucy Brinks. Lucy has been working as a Customer support and Project Manager for more than 2 years at ActivityInfo, handling questions and requests regarding the platform's use. She has given multiple trainings both online and on-site on ActivityInfo. The training material is a result of careful planning following all the insights we've got from our users.