Edit multiple Records

The following section describes how to edit multiple Records that have been added to a Form by using the importer and Key fields.

To be able to update multiple Records using the importer, there must be one or more Key fields in the Form which will be used to identify which Records are getting updated. You cannot edit the Key field itself using this method.

You cannot edit multiple Records if the Form uses a Serial Number instead of a Key field.

You need to have the respective Permissions to be able to edit Records.

The data should not fall into a locked period.

How to edit multiple Records

  • Prepare a spreadsheet with all the Records that you want to edit.
  • Make sure that the Form has one or more Key fields. You will use the Key fields to define which Records will be edited.

  • Navigate to the Table View page of your Form, click on 'Import' and follow the steps of importing Records.

  • In the step of reviewing Records, you can see that the Records will be updated and not added as new Records. This is because we used the same Dates in the Date field as the ones that already existed in the Records added to the Form and because the Date field was a Key field.
  • Click on 'Done' to complete the update of multiple Records.

  • The selected Records have been edited and you can view them in the Table View of the Form.

All edits will be visible in the record History tab and in the Audit log.

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