Exporting users

You can export a list for all users listed in the User Management section in the Database Settings page. The export includes information about all the users added in the Database. To be able to export a list of users, a user must have been granted the 'Manage users' permission or assigned with a Role that comes with this permission.

The export list includes each user's:

  • id in ActivityInfo
  • name
  • email address
  • assigned Role
  • assigned resources

It also shows information regarding:

  • time of invitation sent to user
  • the status of the account
  • the email deliverability status
  • time of the last login of the user

The dates and times will be in the same timezone your device is set to.

How to export users

  • In the Database Settings page of your Database, click on "User management".

  • In the User management section click on "Export".

  • Once downloaded, click on the file on the Download Bar of your browser to open it.

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