Viewing Records using a mobile device

This section describes how to view the Records added to a Form using a mobile device.

Users can collect data using their mobile devices when they are in the field and view them on the Table View both on desktop and on the mobile device.

How to view Records using a mobile device

  • After you login to ActivityInfo using your mobile device, click on the Database that contains the Form and Records you want to view.
  • Then, click on the Form that contains the Records you want to view.

  • In the Table View, you can view two columns related to the Records added to the Form. Click on the Record you want to view.
  • You can view the Details of the Record, add Records to the Subforms related to that Record (if available) or edit the Record.
  • Use the navigation of your device to go back.

  • Alternatively, click on "Columns" to show different columns. You can always show two columns.
  • Click on "X" to go back to the Table View.

  • You can also use a filter to narrow down the Records shown.

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