User definition

In ActivityInfo, a User is any individual who interacts with the system. A User is uniquely identified by their email address.

Users can be invited to contribute to Databases and view Reports. You have full control over the access of Users invited to your Database(s) by assigning Roles to them or defining their Permissions.

Users can also be assigned to the organizations they belong to using Partners. This will help you manage Databases where many organizations will contribute. This can happen when the Multi-partner reporting database template is used.

Users can also be assigned to Supervisors in the Case management database template.

Each unique User invited to your Database(s) will count towards your total User Count on your ActivityInfo Subscription Plan. However, each User exists independently of any individual Database, organization, or subscription. Users can create their own Databases and invite others to contribute, in line with ActivityInfo Subscription Plans

If a user is no longer participating in a database but needs to be kept in the user list, you can assign them to a role with no permissions and remove any extra grants they have been given. This will prevent them from counting towards the billing account user limit.