Map View page

The Map View page is where you or your team can view Records added by users to a Form or Subform displayed on a Map. The Map View displays Records added to a Form or Subform along with their Geographic Point or Geographic Area.

You can navigate to the Map View page from the Table View page.  To access the Map View, the Form must contain at least one Geographic Point field or a reference field which references the Geodatabase.

With the respective permissions, on the Map View page you can perform several actions that are already available in the Table View page such as: Add a Record, Import Records, Print, Edit, Delete a Record, View the History and Details or a Record and reach the Form Design page.

Additionally you can:

  • View clustered or individual Records on a Map
  • Select the Basemap type on which to display the Records
  • Select the Geography source you want to use to display the Records (i.e Geographic Point field or Geographic Area via a Reference field which references the Geodatabase)
  • Return to the Table View page

The circles on the map depict the count of records clustered in a geographic area. They do not show the (aggregated) values of an indicator. For this, you need to Add a Map report.