Form Design page

The Form Design page is the interface where you can start designing your Forms and the Subforms in order to start collecting data. 

A Form is composed of multiple fields, allowing you to tailor your Form to match your requirements.

Take a look at all the available fields before you start designing your Form.

On the Form Design page you can:

Click on "x" to close the field palette and click on "+" to reveal it again.

To add a new field click on "+" to reveal the field palette and click on the field to add it.

To move a field click on it to select it and drag it to the place you want to place it.

To add a field between two existing fields, hover your mouse between the two fields to reveal the "x" button and click on it.

You can define the properties of each field to customise your Form even further. Some properties are common for all the fields and some properties are unique to each type of field.

Take a look at all the available field properties  before you start designing your Form and read more about Designing a Form.