Report editor page - Pivot Table , Charts, Notebooks, Dashboards

In the Report editor page you can start design your Report and decide on how to visualise it. Currently you can visualise the analysis of the data as a Pivot Table and Charts in Single view or as a Notebook or Dashboard.

Using the Report Editor side panel you can select the Resources you will use in the Report.

The Report editor page consists of the Analysis View and the Layout View.

In the Analysis View you can start designing the report based on the analysis you want to do.

You can:

  • Drag and drop fields in the side panel to add Measures and Dimensions to the Pivot Table
  • Save a Report as a personal Report or as a Database Report
  • Change the way the Report is visualised
  • Convert the Report to a Notebook
  • Hide and show categories

In the Layout View you can do the same actions as before plus some additional actions.

When in Single View you can:

When in Notebook View you can:

When in Dashboard View you can:

Measures Card
  • Define the Measure(s) you want to base you Report on by dragging and dropping the respective Field(s) to the Measures.

Using the Measures Card you can:

  • Rename a Measure
  • Delete a Measure
  • Add or edit a Formula
  • Select the type of Statistic you want to use in the Pivot Table for this Measure.
Rows and Columns Card
  • Define the Field(s) to be used in the Rows and Columns of the Pivot Table by dragging and dropping the respective Fields to Rows or Columns

Using the Rows/Columns Card you can:

  • Edit the Label.
  • Delete the Dimension.
  • Select what to display in the Pivot Table.