Leaving a Database

You can leave a Database to which you have been invited. You might want to leave a Database because the Database is no longer relevant for you for example.

When you are invited to a Database you will see that Database in the Database List page when you log in to ActivityInfo. If you decide to leave the Database you will lose access to all of its contents such as the Folder, Forms, Users and Records. If you wish to access it later, you will need to request permission from the database owner.

You can easily view the owner of the Database too. Click on the Database and under 'Database owner' you can see the name of the person who added this Database. If you hover your mouse cursor over the name you will also view the email of the Database owner.

How to leave a Database

  • Find the Database in the Database List page and click on the three dots next to its name.
  • Click on "Leave database".
  • Confirm that you want to leave this Database by clicking on "- Yes, leave".
  • You have left the Database successfully and it will no longer visible in your Database List page.