Adding ActivityInfo to your Home Screen

The following section describes how to add ActivityInfo to your Home Screen. This will automatically create an application version of ActivityInfo. You can perform all the usual tasks such as Data Entry, Reporting and going offline in ActivityInfo right from your Home screen.

How to add ActivityInfo to your Home Screen
  • Log in ActivityInfo.
  • On your browser find the settings, (e.g. in Google Chrome click on the three dots).
  • Click on "Install ActivityInfo".
  • Click Install on the "Install app" pop-up.
  • The ActivityInfo Logo will appear on your Home Screen.
How to open ActivityInfo from the Home Screen
  • Double click on the ActivityInfo Icon on the Home Screen to open ActivityInfo.
How to refresh and sync ActivityInfo Database from your home screen
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Users who have saved ActivityInfo to their Mobile may face difficulty in refreshing or resyncing their databases due to the absence of the  browser bar in the homescreen.Users can resolve the issue and regain the ability to refresh and resync their databases effectively by following these steps.

  • Access ActivityInfo on your homescreen
  • Once you have loaded ActivityInfo, navigate to the section where you want to refresh or resync your databases.
  • Place your arrow on the screen and pull it downward.
  • When you see the screen moving downward, release your finger to initiate the refresh or resync process. The database will automatically refresh.
  • With the "pull to refresh" function, you can now refresh or resync your databases without the need for the browser bar to be visible. 
  • Enjoy a smoother and more convenient user experience on ActivityInfo!