The this section presents the subscription types in ActivityInfo available for Database Owner Accounts and explains the difference between a Free Trial and a paid subscription. It includes a QA section for each type to provide more clarifications.

1. Free Trial Subscriptions

What is a Free Trial subscription?

A Free Trial subscription is a temporary subscription to ActivityInfo which allows users to test the ActivityInfo platform and evaluate whether it meets their needs before opting for a paid subscription.

How can I get a Free Trial subscription?

When a user signs up for a Free Trial in ActivityInfo the Free Trial starts. Their Free Trial subscription will continue until the trial period has elapsed.

What limitations does the Free Trial subscription have?

A Trial Subscription is limited to:

  1. A 30-Day trial period
  2. A unique user count across all Databases of 10 Users

Other than the above limitations, users have full unrestricted access to the ActivityInfo platform. 

What happens when my Free Trial subscription expires?

When the trial period elapses, the Free Trial subscription will expire. All Databases owned by the user will be locked, and they will no longer be able to access their Forms or Reports. 

A User can maintain access to their Databases by signing up for a paid subscription. Otherwise, all data associated with the Databases will be kept in the ActivityInfo platform for a period of 60 days. After this, it will be removed entirely.

If your trial period has expired but you still require more time to test the system, please contact us to discuss the possibility of an extended trial.